From Pregnancy Yoga Students

I had a baby boy, 6lb.10oz. natural birth 5 hours labor, with no drugs. Can’t thank you enough for everything you taught me. I used it all and it made me so confident in myself.  Could not have done without your wisdom. Thanks again. Brooke

Forever grateful I had an 8 hour labour, with 40 minutes of pushing without a tear! The OB said the yoga taught me hoe to breathe and relax and release the baby. I used your yoga techniques the whole labour, I can’t thank you enough and will be seeing you for post natal classes. Joanna

“I cannot recommend this class enough. I don’t know how i would have gotten through either of my very quick and intense births without it. I will never forget that, Erlinda.” Mel Kelly

A water birth after 20 hours of active labor, drug free, with breathing and relaxation and active poses to get me through. Many thanks for your guidance, through the yoga classes and birth preparation, I was able to relax and use my breath to help myself in I way I didn’t with my previous pregnancy/birth, my recovery this time has also been  much easier.

I loved the environment of your classes and felt so much relaxation each week. I particularly found it special to “give love” to our growing babies, and I am sure this formed the beginning of the beautiful bond I have with my son. I had no idea how to connect with the parcel in my womb and your classes gave me such a lovely start. This was very special! You are a very special person and it is wonderful that you are sharing your warmth and nurturing nature with all the pregnant women. I really look forward to coming back in my next pregnancy! Thanks again for everything. Love Michelle

What I loved about Erlinda’s classes is the message that going through a pregnancy and labour is a natural process. Hearing this and connecting with my baby and body every week reminded me that I was ready and almost excited to go through the labour process to meet our little bundle. I was able to labour naturally at the hospital with no pain relief. With some assistance at the end our daughter Grace arrived on her due date. I have no doubt in the world that my labour story would have gone differently had I not attended these classes. I wish every woman going through labour had the same support I felt in these classes leading up to the delivery. It was then a given that when I fell pregnant with our second one of the first people I contacted was Erlinda. I could not imagine going through another pregnancy without her guidance and support.“Went into labour naturally Friday night came to hospital about 3am, (baby born at 10.30 am) and no pain relief needed (although tempting at the end) . Thank you again for guiding me and assuring me I could go through this natural process. It was a blessings to be able to witness my second baby girl come into the world.” Crystal

Thank you, Erlinda. Coming to your yoga classes helped to prepare me for labour and dispel some of the fear I had about the process. I was able to use the breathing techniques you teach, which for me meant not needing any pain relief! I was much more relaxed than I expected to be. Your passionate approach to assisting women through this process is so inspiring. I`ll certainly be back for bubs no 2! Dr. Catherine K.

Hi Erlinda,

I wanted to thank you because in class you told us to remember that each contraction is bringing you closer to meeting your baby and it was your calming voice saying this that I focused on and it made dealing with the contractions much easier. I got so much more out of the course and used many of the stretches in the last days to relieve the discomfort, So thank you, thank you, thank you! Kate Selimanovic

From Birth Partners

From Marc and Caroline

My husband and I attended Erlinda’s couples active birth class, so that he could be made aware of all that I was learning.  Erlinda gave an overview of the positions and breathing techniques we had learned, and explained how he could support me during birth physically and emotionally.  His support was unwavering and I was empowered and kept focused thanks to his knowledge of my birth plan, including reminding me of breathing techniques, helping me be active and moving, and being my advocate to doctors and midwives.  He didn’t leave my side and was so strong and supportive.

From Marc 

The session was terrific, so insightful and positive.  I learned breathing techniques, positions and movements to help Caroline through labour.  I also gained a lot of confidence and knowledge as to how I could best support and help her. 

When she was induced I felt prepared for labour, and was able to support and encourage her.  The session helped deal with the nervousness and the labour and birth was a positive experience for us both.

I would recommend all dad’s consider being as informed as the ladies are prior to going into labour.  I was worried about feeling useless and helpless in the birthing suite, and the session with Erlinda really helped to ease these worries.

From Joanne

A big thank you to Erlinda for your prompt help at keeping me calm & ready during my pregnancy. I am so grateful to have met you when I was 32 weeks pregnant. I was so tired & anxious about the labour & delivery of my baby girl, having never been through it before. Amelie was born safely, happy & healthy in a natural delivery, which is exactly what I had wanted. Most importantly I was able to deliver her without any medical intervention or pain medication.

Thankyou also for giving an individual Active Birth class for my husband & I. My husband also found it useful to know what postures & what phrases to use with me that would help me release & manage the labour pains and delivery.  Surprisingly we both found ourselves connecting better as a pregnant couple by attending your Active Birth class.

You were warm and welcoming and non-judgemental of our worries, and your enthusiasm for us was contagious . We both felt we could manage the events that would unfold in the delivery room much better after the class; we felt prepared. The handouts you gave me were also a big help, and I read through them repeatedly in the later weeks of my pregnancy to help me prepare.

Many big thanks for all your help and support and guidance, Erlinda, in preparing me for the delivery of my first child. I don’t think I could have done it so confidently without your help, and will always remember it fondly.

From Proud Dad Chris

I was there to be an active participant in the birth of my baby; my little girl was born in December 2013. By having the knowledge from Erlinda’s session, and subsequently my partner’s trust that we were on the same page, I was able to remain an encouraging and calming influence to coach her on the vital breathing, massage and posturing techniques shown to us by Erlinda.

I was able to play a positive and active role in comforting, nurturing, re-assuring and re-focusing my partner throughout her journey of labour and birth by employing the knowledge shared by Erlinda.   Without Erlinda’s help and advice, I’m convinced that my unforgettable memories of the day of my daughter’s birth would have been completely different, because before meeting Erlinda, I had no idea what to expect or how I could help my partner and baby. I had no idea that I could have played any role at all apart from being an anxious, father-to-be waiting on the sidelines.

With a little help and guidance from Erlinda, and an absolutely enormous amount of strength and courage from your little baby’s mum, the most precious, unforgettable and proudest day of your life awaits you all. I promise!

From Louise and Daniel

Antenatal classes at hospital are a good start to becoming an active birth partner, there’s tons of detail about the labour process and the risks associated with each of the different pain management options available, but because there’s so much information to take in the’re like University lectures. So just like graduating from University, after 8 hours of antenatal classes I felt I was ill-equipped to take on the important job I had lined up in the birth suite.

Erlinda’s course filled the knowledge gap for me and made me feel a whole lot more comfortable about walking into that room with my wife. In two hours I learnt some simple massage, stretching and breathing techniques that put me in a position to really participate in the delivery of our daughter.

Thank-you Erlinda for enabling me to be the birth partner I had hoped I would. Now onto the hard part…