YOGA ACTIVE BIRTH WITH PARTNER. Yoga experience is not required.

 Single-session for birth partners.

 With the presence and participation of a well-trained birth partner, you will feel confident and relaxed in your labor.  With your birth partner acting as your advocate, your preferences and choices will be considered at all times, no matter if you need pain relief or a cesarean section.

The encouraging support a birth partner can provide is irreplaceable.  It can often shorten labor making the birth easier.

Your birth partner can be anyone who wants to be with you to assist and encourage you in a relaxed confident approach.

This single-session includes the following:

  • – The use of yoga breathing for labor and birth.
  • – How to help the labouring mother to manage pain and discomfort.
  • – The stages of labor, partner support, and participation
  • – The practice of yoga movements, positions for labor, and best positions to give birth.
  • – Meditation and birth visualization
  • – Discussion of concerns that are relevant to you and your partner

Class Information

Private, 2-hour single session for pregnant women and their birth partner.

Recommended for women between 24 and 35 weeks of pregnancy and their birth partner.

Day and Time: As per appointment.

Location:  Livestream.

 Fee: $120.  Birth partner instruction booklet included. (PDF)

Bookings: Contact  Erlinda at [email protected]