Yoga for a Gentle Birth Course. You don’t need yoga experience to enrol.

The classes cover simple and safe yoga practices to prepare you for labor and birth, like pelvic floor exercises, yoga breathing, yoga stretches and poses to alleviate back discomfort,  relaxation, and meditation.

The course includes a comprehensive view of the stages of labor and how to manage each of them by using the practices you will explore during these classes.

This course will show you how to be consciously calm during the birthing process creating the conditions for your baby to enter the world gently.

Course Information

Start: After the 13th week of pregnancy.

Course Duration: 5 sessions, 60 minutes each. Private one on one

Day and Time :  By appointment. At each class, you will receive handouts to support your home practice.

Location:  Livestream

Fee: $25 per each 60 min session. Pay as you go.

Bookings: Contact Erlinda at [email protected]